April 26, 2010: 193rd short message (07:08 p.m. CET) Last Friday, during a weather frame which only lasted few hours, we flew to... 
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April 19, 2010: 192nd short message (10:10 a.m. CET) There’s a crazy storm going on ever since the night that we arrived. The... 
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April 16, 2010: 191st short message (11:32 a.m. CET) After intense studies of the weather conditions, we made use of a very little... 
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Extrem Events
Matthias Jeschke e.K.
Diezer Stra?e 48
D-65549 Limburg
Tel.:+49 6431 284177
Fax:+49 6431 284917



We will start at the beginning of January 2010 with total equipped expedition Jeeps from Egvekinot across the Bering Strait and later further to Alaska.
Supported by the governments we will drive with this expedition through - as one of the less - the easternmost region of Russia:

According to the long and hard section you must be able to keep cool and stay calm and place others welfare above your own. This expedition will cross regions only a few humans have seen before and it can bring you to your limit. 
This is your unique chance.

The services of Extrem Events include:  
  • Supply of an up-to-date Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited which was set up for the tour’s extreme requirements by receiving special expedition accessories  Detailed specifications can be found on the website
  • fuel 
  • catering 
  • lodging (depending on local conditions) 
  • visas, special permits and formalities 
  • flights and transfers (airplanes/helicopters/special purpose vehicle)
  • safety services amongst others:
    • State-of-the-art survival equipment      
    • Special sleeping bags for the coldest temperatures
    • Protective clothing against the cold temperatures

    • satellite-navigation devices    
    • satellite-telephone   
    • long-distance radio-transceiver 
    • 24/7-emergency-hotline 
    • The whole time Russian rescue teams (also helicopter) are informed about our route

If you are insecure and you want to know more about our way to work please check our "Refrences"



More route sections (level 1 from Fairbanks) on request.

If you are interested and need further information, please contact Matthias Jeschke.

Extrem Events – Matthias Jeschke e.K.
Diezer Str.48
D-65549 Limburg

T.:  +49.6431.284177
M.: +49.171.4640277
F.:  +49.6431.284917 

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