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We cordially invite you to follow our latest Extrem Events project:

The Rheinmetall MAN High Altitude Truck Expedition

Together with our partners and the extreme events team of 5 nations, we want to write history with two Rheinmetall MAN special trucks. During this expedition we want to improve our previous record of high altitude and we are currently implementing another special project: The erection of the two world's highest rescue huts on 6,150 meters and over 6,500 meters in cooperation with Bauinnung München.

In the following you find some of the most important facts to the project:

Ojos del Salado

Expedition period: 01.11.- approx. 20.12.2017

Vehicles: Rheinmetall MAN 40M 4x4 and Rheinmetall MAN HX 58 6x6

Tires: Alliance / Bohnenkamp A 390 - 650-55-26,5

Snow chain system: Grizzly / K-Metall net secure chain and special chain system

Protective clothing, team outfit: Mike Bosetti / Q-Jeans Expedition clothing

Vehicle modification: Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicle, MAN, Extrem Events

Team vor Ort: 14 persons

Teamintegration / cooperation: two formerly hardly injured  veterans – one from the Australian and one from the British Army (overcome your handicap and show others what is possible)

Project and expedition management: Matthias Jeschke – Extrem Events, 65549 Limburg, Germany

Place of action: Atacama Wüste / im Norden von Chile / Vulkan Ojos del Salado – 6.893 m

Temperatures: -25°C to + 35°C

Subsoil: lava rock, volcano sand, snow, ice

Phase of acclimatization: +/- 15-20 days